(Skiathos – Skopelos - Alonnisos)

1st day: departing from the marina of Kalamaria at Thessaloniki at Wednesday 11th of April 2012. We will sail during the night until we reach the island of Skiathos.

2nd day: we will arrive at the port of Skiathos. We will spend there some time for lunch, coffee and walks in the old village.

3rd day: departure for the island of Skopelos. We will spend the rest of day with plenty of time to wander to the narrow streets of the island.

4th day: Departure for the main village of Alonnisos and will return at the afternoon of the same day to Skopelos. We will attend at the ceremony of Orthodox Easter eve.

5th day: We will organize the traditional barbeque that is very common among the Greeks during the Easter days. The barbeque will take place in front of the yachts.

6th day: Monday the 16th of April. Departure early in the morning from the port of Skopelos and we expect to arrive at the marina of Kalamaria approximately at 22:00 in the evening.

*The above trips are indicative. There are many combinations that may be done amongst destinations, bays and harbors. All these depend on the client’s needs and preferences.


The standard procedure for booking a sailing yacht is as follows:
The client chooses the boat the he likes and gives us details about dates, extras (skipper, hostess etc).
From that point he has about 10 days deadline to deposit 30% of the total value of the chartered yacht.
About a month prior to embarkation the client has to pay fully the agreed price (usually paid in two parts).
In case of cancellation of the trip the deposit can not be returned as it is kept for future booking.
The client has also the obligation to give a security deposit (charged by credit card or banker’s check) for the boat.
If the boat returns to its base without damages or losses the security deposit will be returned fully.

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