Agency Profile

SPLENDID TRAVEL CENTER is a family business. George Nikolaidis, already in the Tourism Industry as manager and co-owner of another agency since 1963, decided in 1993 to launch for him and his family a new travel agency, Splendid Travel and provide his clients with well chosen touristic services from all over the world. Since that time Ilias & Pepi Nikolaidis (son and daughter), the second generation, were fully involved in running things in Splendid. Nikolaidis family over the last 50 YEARS has devoted all its passion and efforts in offering excellent tourist services in Greece.

Over the years, the Company improved its structure, emphasised on travelers’ satisfaction, enhanced its human resources with highly trained professionals and adapted to the latest technology developments. Its personel and the fleet of its luxurius tourist coaches maintained the company’s good reputation in the Tourism Industry.

The company enjoys city’s recognition and respect and the acknowledgement that it provides only high quality traveling services. The primary objective of Splendid has always been client satisfaction and for that reason everyone, management and employees, have dedicated themselves to quality in every aspect. Throughout careful planning, inspiration and continuous innovation, Splendid achieved to offer to its customers an unbeatable service at keenly competitive prices.