SPLENDID TRAVEL CENTER is a family business. George Nikolaidis, already in the Tourism Industry as manager and co-owner of another agency since 1963, decided in 1993 to launch for him and his family a new travel agency, Splendid Travel and provide his clients with well chosen touristic services from all over the world. Since that time Ilias & Pepi Nikolaidis (son and daughter), the second generation, were fully involved in running things in Splendid.

Splendid Travel takes care of all traveling arrangements for trips to Greece, Turkey, Bankans and Southern Mediterranean, having the appropriate Reservation Systems for Air Ticketing (IATA Member), Hotel Reservation Department, cruises and holidays. Moreover, it can provide Welcome Services for Incoming Tourism, Rent-a-car services, Coach-hiring and lastly, a bimonthly publication of tourist newspaper.